What It’s Like to Work With Lord CPAs

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you get what you pay for.” Well, that’s true when it comes to choosing a CPA. Not all CPAs are created equal, and if you want the best possible service and advice, working with an accounting firm with deep experience is essential. At Lord CPAs, we pride ourselves on being different from other accounting firms. We’re not just interested in helping our clients file their taxes – we want to help them grow their businesses and achieve their financial goals. So, if you’re looking for someone who can provide sound advice and outstanding service, contact us. You won’t be disappointed!

What makes us different is that we put supporting you on your growth journey as our number one priority. We are your business advisor and consultant, not just your tax preparer.

Growth Journey

Small business owners’ journey from startup to exiting the business can be daunting. There are countless challenges and obstacles along the way, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed sometimes. This is where small businesses need support from expert advisors who can provide guidance and expertise as they navigate this journey.

At Lord CPAs, we understand all the unique needs of small businesses, and we are committed to helping our clients on their growth journey at every step. The growth journey comprises four phases: Startup, early growth, mid-growth, and sustainable growth. We offer subscription services for each phase.

Startup Phase and CPA Essentials

For startup and super-early growth businesses, we offer our CPA Essentials package. This gets you in the door with Lord CPAs with essential financial advisory at year-end and boutique tax services, depending on your unique tax situation.

Growth Phases and CPA Advisor

Once you get past the startup phase, three more phases occur during the growth journey. These phases require more in-depth work with us, and therefore, this is where businesses are upgraded to the CPA Advisor services. This part of the journey is where we will start implementing more advisory and consulting services so you can become profitable, with the end goal of being at least 15% net profit, as a percentage of revenues or higher.

Early Growth Phase

Early growth businesses have reached at least $300,000 in revenues and have started to build a team. The first phase of working with us will be total compliance-focused, with two to four financial advisory and consultations throughout the year. This phase aims to get the business owner into the habits of an efficient and effective bookkeeping process (which we lead and run) and ensure that reporting rhythms are established. The focus of advisory at this level will be to get the business to a true breakeven point of 0% and consistently provide what is needed for efficient bookkeeping.

Mid-growth Phase

For mid-growth businesses, we start adding more regular advisory check-ups and reporting. We have more frequent meetings and expand on the metrics established in the early growth phase by using them to make plans for future years and forecast financial data based on those metrics. We will also use these forecasts to start projecting tax positions and developing tax planning strategies to keep your tax position at the level intended for your income. This phase aims to get businesses to the economic break-even point of 10% to 15% net profit as a percentage of revenue.

Sustainable Growth and Exit Phase

We have the next phase for businesses that start to experience higher profits and see sustainable cash flow and at least 50% or higher return on invested capital. This phase of services includes exit planning strategies and calculating a valuation for your business.

Lord CPAs is different. We’re not just an accountant who fills out your tax forms and sends you a bill at the end of the year. We partner with you to help you grow your business, no matter where you are in your growth journey. We offer services that support you through each growth phase so that you can continue moving forward and achieve even more success. Contact us today if this sounds like the partnership you’ve been looking for. We would be happy to discuss our services further and answer any questions you have about how we could help your small business grow!