What Are You Afraid Of?

Every business owner experiences that crushing and paralyzing fear at some point. But the question I always ask is ‘what are you truly afraid of in those moments?’ Understanding and embracing our fears can show us insight in to what we find most important, helping guide business choices for growth/change.

As business owners we run all kind of different scenarios in our heads, from the most successful outcome to the most disastrous outcome. But are those scenarios actually going to happen? No. The answer is always no. That alone is why you can’t let your fears paralyze you in your business. A plan may go well or poorly, but rarely exactly as envisioned. If you sit and contemplate introducing your new product to market, and you let fear delay or stop you from doing it, you are letting your imagination decide what the market should be deciding. Let your market judge if your product is worth buying. Isnt that the ultimate fear in small business, people not buying your product, not participating in your dream? Although it is never fun to bring something to customers that they don’t like, you will never know if they really like it or not if you let fear prevent you from letting them decide. Utilizing the proper tools will allow you not only the resiliency to make it through the rough patches, but the ability to make the most of the rough and the good times.

Here are some things you can do to help alleviate small business fear:

  1. Meditate -Research shows that meditation can help limit negative self talk. And all fear is is negative self talk.

  2. Start a new habit -Seth Godin writes that habits are the enemy of fear. If you’re afraid of something, do that something on a small scale and make it a habit. Eventually your fear of whatever it is will melt away.

  3. Ask why? -Asking yourself why you’re feeling fear will help you realize that is in your imagination. Be honest and fearless.

Even with the above tools, any independent crafter can feel the pangs of fear. That means it is really something we need to embrace. Just like everything in your business, sitting back into it and embracing it, no matter how sucky, is really the only way to get through to the other side of it. So instead of fighting it, give fear a great, big hug and don’t be afraid to grow.