Growing a craft food and beverage business has a ton of compliance requirements. From preparing financial statements for a loan to preparing your tax return for your self or your investors, we have your compliance needs covered. 

We specialize in the following services so that this stuff is not a thing you need to worry about.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Management financial reports
  • Financial statements for third-parties
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Income tax preparation
    • LLC as partnership
    • LLC as corporation
    • S-Corparation
    • C-Corporation
    • Business owner personal tax preparation

Financial Literacy and Advisory

As a business owner, interpreting and analyzing financial and non-financial data and maximizing cash flow from your tax structure is time consuming and stressful. In most cases these activities are taking you away from what you are supposed to be doing for your business which is growing your business. When you have a team and systems like we have created you gain access to a CPA who is an expert in interpreting and analyzing all business data. From helping you understand your financial position to ensuring that your maximizing your cash flow from your chosen tax structure.

Here are some examples of our financial literacy services. (This list is not all inclusive of what we offer)

  • Business plan development 
  • Financial forecasts and projections
  • Tax planning
  • Business advisory

Leadership development

Leading your business (as opposed to your business leading you) is by far the most effective way to grow it into what you want it to be. Creating culture, developing new products and offerings, setting the vision, developing long term goals, etc. are all ways in which a business can be lead. We invoke inspiration from a variety of schools of leadership thought to lead you through issues that you are facing as well as developing a leadership team if possible and applicable.