Established businesses have unique needs and wants.  Some companies may need help with budgeting while others will need sophisticated reporting capabilities. In order to address these unique needs we have designed our Discovery Course. 

What problems does the Discovery Course address for food and beverage crafters?

  • Uncertainty with business structure and tax compliance
  • Not knowing if you haverelevant data in order to make strategic decisions
  • Uncertainty around vision and strategic during your growth

What is the Discovery Course?

The Discovery Course is designed to provide feedback in 3 important areas for any growing food and beverage crafter. This process can take from 60-90 days to complete. At the conclusion of the Discovery Course, you will receive our Official Discovery Report which will provide all of our feedback for the different areas under inspection. You will also receive a proposal for our services to implement our recommendations. It will be your choice if you want to accept one of our 3 packages in our proposal or if you would like to take the Official Discovery Report to another accountant. It’s all yours and up to you.

  • Tax Exposure Review – We designed this area to take a look at the tax situation of your company. We will review your business structure for appropriate form for you business. We will also review all tax requirements from 1099s to income, sales, and payroll tax requirements.
  • Reporting & Accounting Assessment – We designed this area to provide feedback on your accounting and reporting system. We will review your management reporting system for relevant and meaningful data. We will review your overall bookkeeping process. We will review your external reporting requirements. Finally, we will provide you with 3 years of prepared financial statements for internal use. 
  • Strategy Assessment – We designed this area to provide feedback on your strategic clarity and direction. We will review your overall business model. We also review your pricing strategy and overall business vision. 

$3,750 drafted via ACH at acceptance