Who We Work With

We only are taking new customers who are crafters of food and beverage and those that support them. We specifically work with breweries, wineries, cheese makers, crafters of food and beverage, farms that support food crafters, markets that sell crafted food and beverage, and restaurants that use crafted food and beverages. 

We have chosen this realm primarily due to the heavy interest the Chief Design Officer, Corey Lord, has with food and drink. With that passion, we are able to work with this industry with knowledge and excitement that most accountants just can’t offer. 

Who We Are

We are a CPA firm. We only offer our service to the food and beverage industry. From breweries to restaurants, we are the CPAs for this industry. Take a peek at our FAQs to get an idea of what we believe regarding the different areas in which we work.

Changing Lives Around The World

One of our core beliefs is that business can not only change the lives of people they directly interact with but also those around the world. That’s why we teamed up with the global micro-giving organization B1G1. Through this organization we are able to impact lives around the world. Whenever a new customer joins forces with us, we give a goat to a family in Kenya so they may sell or consume the goat’s milk. Additionally, any ongoing services a customer chooses, we give 100 days of water to people in Ethiopia every month we work together.